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CSA (patented)

cac1 Double barrel confetti / streamer launcher can be mounted on trussing by C-clamp or speaker stand button trigger or DMX can be used to activate launcher. Confetti shoots up to 60’. Can link up to 100 units on one line. Great for mid to large events.
Hand held confetti launcher uses threaded co2 12-16 grams shoots up to 30’ - great for small parties
mobo Portable T-shirt launcher shoots up to 150 yards. Refillable co2 container great for sporting events, radio remotes, and fund raiser
csa (patented)Confetti storm. The only electric confetti launcher that runs on 110v 7-amp power DMX or trigger activation. Has a 5 lb. Storage or a 5-minute confetti launch. External confetti storage available. Used on many music concerts and stage shows world wide. Great for small ballroom to large stadium
vc Venturi launcher hi-velocity co2 confetti blaster 1 lb. Of confetti per second up to 80’ high used for large stadium or outdoor events
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